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New Play Workshop Stage Reading- ChuanStage - 2023


Playwright  liqing xu

Directed by Tianding He

​Creative Team

SKINLESS reimagines the ancient Chinese legend The White Snake as a queer, gender-bending modern fairy tale. 

Two snake demons, White and Green, come to Earth to experience being human. White transforms into a human and immediately falls passionately in love, but Green cannot successfully become human. Instead, Green’s soul gets separated from their body, and they are cursed to inhabit different human and non-human bodies. In each new form that Green takes, they chase both White and the recognition of their own carnal desire. Green’s feelings for White become blurred through these experiments with embodiment, and Green gets closer to their true self, which is a self that perhaps does not align with any particular body at all.

Tianding He                Director

Liqing Xu.                    Playwright

Annie Jin Wang.          Dramaturg

Sarah O'Neill               Stage Manager

            Sandra Jia.           Costume Designer

             JK Wong               Sound Designer

             Ashley Yung.        Lighting Designer

             Yolanda Peng      Scenic and Puppet Designer

             Sean Devare.       Puppet Designer

Peak for the Reading workshop performance 

Photo Credit: Lei Zhang

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