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Fabric Dyeing

Dyeing Swatches For Different Brand and textiles


Samples and Record format for Color matching 

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​Fabric Dyeing & other Techniques

Fabric Dyeing
  • Fabric Dyeing to mimic Watercolor effect

  • Direct dye paint application

  • Fabric pre-set and sealing solution

Fabric Painting

  • Direct Application for Dye and fabric Paints

  • Different pattern and effect mimic and placement arrangement

  • Fabric preset and sealing solution for final

  • Original Stamp Design and Curving.
    Gradient Dyeing and Ombre for silk more enormous than 1 yard
    Direct dye and paint application on silk 

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Dye Resist Technique and Record

Silk Screen Making 
and Fabric Discharge


Direct painting and mix-media application

Direct application on fabric 
with stencils and texture building 


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